Aerials & Satellites

Professional Aerial & Satellite Services.

We can provide re-alignment services for existing aerial & satellites if you have a bad signal then this may be a cost effective alternative to a replacement. In some cases re-alignment is not an option due to the age of some equipment so if this is the case then we can install you a new aerial or satellite at competetive prices


Initial Planning

We come to you. After you contact us we will come and visit you and work with you to decide what the best plan of action will be, what work you want doing and how we can get you the best deal!

Professional Installation

After we have planned your job we will then source all of the equipment needed and get to work! Our engineers use tried and tested methods to ensure that the job is done to the best standards.


Once we have carried out any work it is tested to make sure it is all working okay. We check with you, the customer and make sure that our work is to your satisfaction.


Competetive Pricing.

With alignment services from £79 and new installs from £129 Electrotec could be the option for you.

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